Liver cirrhosis medications Prednisolone
06 Feb

Treatment of liver cirrhosis with Prednisolone. Cryptogenic liver disease

What is cirrhosis of the liver?

The liver cirrhosis develops during the destruction of the healthy cells in the liver. This process is often a cause of the frequent or severe intoxication of the body. In 18% of cases, the liver cirrhosis appears due to the alcoholism, viral hepatitis, and pharmaceutical intoxication.

Cryptogenic cirrhosis treatment with Prednisolone

The disease is characterized by the change of the physiological building of the liver. The fibrous tissue forms during the death of the healthy cells, this tissue does not take the functional load. As a result, the main function of the liver is affected:

  • Synthesis of the proteins in the plasma;
  • Dysfunction of the blood clotting due to the lack of proteins;
  • Disorder of the toxic sterilization.

Hepatitis often develops due to the liver cirrhosis as a result of the bile outflow disorder. According to the official statistics, the liver cirrhosis is one of the key pathologies causing death in people at the age of 30 to 60 in the industrially developed countries. The death rate of the cirrhosis has grown by 12% for the past decade all over the world, and now it counts half-million people per year.

Men are more subject to the development of the liver cirrhosis. They suffer from this disease by 3 times more often than women. It is explained by more aggressive type of the activity of men, and not by the physiological peculiarities. Men often consume alcohol, medicines, and are more subject to the action of the toxins due to the peculiarities of the labor activity.

Liver cirrhosis symptoms

A danger of the liver cirrhosis is an asymptomatic course of the disease at early stage. Most people do not feel the changes in the liver, and it is impossible to get data about the affection of the healthy cells of the liver without the blood test. Due to this, the disease is often diagnosed at the stage 2, when the symptoms are more intensive.

The main manifestations of the liver cirrhosis are:

  • Decreased appetite;
  • Dull pain in the liver and right hypochondrium;
  • Increase of the liver in size;
  • Digestion disorder: flatulency, heartburn, bitter taste in mouth.

These symptoms require some instant diagnostics. If the disease is neglected at the initial stage, there is a risk of the worsening of the symptoms:

  • Increase of the abdominal volume due to the accumulated liquid;
  • Increase of veins in the abdomen;
  • Hair loss in men;
  • Color change of the skin and eyeballs into yellow or even orange;
  • Fatigue, nasal bleedings, fast tiredness.

Due to the liver cirrhosis, gynecomastia and increase of spleen may happen in men. These symptoms tell about a severe course of the disease and a need of the instant treatment. If these manifestations are neglected, a patient experiences a hepatic failure.

How to cure cirrhosis? Cirrhosis treatment guidelines

The liver cirrhosis is hardly treatable. If a doctor is visited at early stage of the disease, it is possible to have a remission due to the medicines and change of the lifestyle and stop the disease progress. But in the rest cases, the treatment is based on the reduction of the liver cirrhosis symptoms and slowing the development of the complications.

Cirrhosis treatment guidelines

The medical program of the liver cirrhosis is based on three main principles:

  • Following diet and quitting bad habits;
  • Pharmaceutical treatment;
  • Prevention of the relevant diseases.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of the liver cirrhosis, even more important than the pharmaceutical treatment. The lower the load on the liver is, the lower the fibrous tissue will be formed.

The diet should not include the fatty and spicy food, fried meals, a consumption of salt should be restricted. More fiber and complex carbohydrates should be used. The use of a lot of protein is not recommended. A patient has to refuse from alcohol even in minimal doses.

The everyday menu should be balanced and soft in order to avoid the load of the liver, pancreatic gland, and gall bladder.

A pharmaceutical therapy includes the use of the medicines which will help during the treatment of the symptoms:

  • Diuretics – to excrete the excessive liquid and reduce the size of the belly;
  • Medicines reducing the pressure in the portal vein;
  • Hepatoprotectors protect and restore the cells of the liver;
  • Plasma depletion cleans the blood from the toxins.

A hormonal therapy takes a special place which is needed to reduce the inflammatory processes and spreading the load from the liver to other organs. The prevention of the complications consists in minimizing the load on the immune system and other organs in order to keep the protective properties of the body.

Any pathology causes the body intoxication including the bacterial one, so that the load on the liver grows. Moreover, the use of the antibiotics, antiviral products and other medications could increase the load on the liver, so that the relapse of the cirrhosis and increase of the symptoms may happen.

Cryptogenic cirrhosis treatment with Prednisolone

Cryptogenic cirrhosis definition

A cryptogenic cirrhosis of the liver is a disorder of the healthy liver cells of the unknown genesis. At the moment, this type of the cirrhosis is observed in more than 30% of patients with this diagnosis. However, most doctors think that this type of the cirrhosis appears because of the autoimmune changes or as a result of the hereditary background.

The cryptogenic cirrhosis is diagnosed at the stage 2 and 3, and therefore it is a dangerous physiological process which passes with many complications. The symptoms of the cryptogenic cirrhosis pass are more intensive and specific. Patients record tiredness, fatigue, low working capacity, myodynia, arthralgia, and fever.

Cryptogenic cirrhosis medications. Cure with Prednisolone tablets

An opinion that this type of the cirrhosis has an autoimmune origin is confirmed because the disease is well treated by Prednisolone. According to the official data, just 20% of all patients are resistant to Prednisolone, and it tells about its high efficacy.

Cryptogenic cirrhosis medications - Prednisolone

Using the anti-inflammatory immunosuppressive therapy, the biochemical remission of the disease is achieved in 70-75% of cases. Prednisolone influences on the metabolic processes that happen on the biochemical level, and so it protects the liver cells from the destruction.

As the main cause of the cryptogenic cirrhosis is unknown, the complex action of Prednisolone helps to stop the production of the antibodies and change a course of some processes that take part in the functional load on the liver.

Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver with glucocorticoids: Prednisolone

The glucocorticoid therapy of the liver cirrhosis is the only etiological practice during this disease. It is aimed at the change of the mechanisms that determine a progress of the pathological process. The etiology is still unknown in the one third of cases, and the efficacy of the hormonal drugs achieves 80%.

The corticosteroids influence on the metabolic processes and regulate the activity of the immune functions of the body. Blocking the production of the antibodies, they reduce a significance of the cellular liver destruction.

Then, the efficacy of the corticoids is conditioned by the adjustment of the disorders during the liver cirrhosis, and they are related to the changes of the liver functions and a reduction of the intensity of the painful symptoms.

The main medicine in the hormonal therapy is Prednisolone as one of the most active corticoids. It has more significant anti-inflammatory action and neutralizes the symptoms of the liver cirrhosis.

Cryptogenic liver cirrhosis cure

In case of the prolonged therapy of cirrhosis, Prednisolone allows achieving a long remission and keeps the healthy cells of the liver. Moreover, it reduces a risk of the development of hepatitis and hepatic failure.

Admittedly, the whole action of Prednisolone is not fully examined, and therefore it is pointless to tell about certain processes affecting the remission of the cirrhosis. However, the results of the clinical studies and numerous therapeutic practice shows that there are not alternatives today.

The scheme of the treatment is based on the use of the high doses of Prednisolone within 2-4 weeks, and the dose is reduced up to the maintaining one after the reduction of the symptoms.

The standard scheme of the liver cirrhosis treatment with Prednisolone:

  • Beginning of the therapy: the dose of 40 mg per day (1 pill of Prednisolone 10 mg 4 times per day);
  • A maintaining stage of the therapy: 10-15 mg per day (1 pill of Prednisolone 5 mg 2-3 times per day);
  • The dose of Prednisolone is reduced slowly, by not more than 2,5 mg every 10 days under the supervision of thymol test, level of immunoglobulin of the blood serum;
  • If the hepatic failure grows, the higher doses are used: 60-80 mg per day.

As the liver cirrhosis is a chronic disease, the maintaining therapy takes a long period and may last for 6 to 12 months. Longer cycles are not desired. It is better to stop taking the pills for a while and follow for the course of the disease. In case of the relapse, during the observance of the diet, the treatment with Prednisolone is restored.

If the chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis progress, it is necessary to continue taking lower doses of Prednisolone within several years.