Treatment of chronic prostatitis with Prednisolone
06 Feb

Chronic prostatitis treatment. How to cure chronic prostatitis with Prednisolone anti-inflammatory pills

Composition of Prednisolone tablets:

Prednisolone tablets

  • The active ingredient in every pill is Prednisolone (a hormone is identical to the endogenous adrenal hormones);
  • The pill may have various amount of Prednisolone: 1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg. The amount of the active ingredient is determined by a manufacturer. Every manufacturer can use their own set of the dosing.
  • Besides the active ingredient, the pill contains corn starch, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate; this is a standard set of the auxiliary non-active ingredients. They are required for better digestion of the active ingredients.

Every pill of Prednisolone is resistant to the action of the gastric juice due to the firm coat. Every manufacturer uses an individual technology for the creation of the coat, and therefore its composition may differ.

Prednisolone mechanism of action. Effects on the body

Prednisolone has all pharmacological properties of the endogenous adrenal hormones. Due to this, it provides an influence on most biochemical and physiological processes in the body. The essential pharmacological characteristics of Prednisolone are as follows:

  • An action on the corticosteroid receptors in all tissues of the body;
  • A prevention of the histamine production causing an allergic reaction;
  • A prevention of the antibody production by the immune system that makes the body produce mediators of the inflammation and allergy;
  • A prevention of edemas, as a result of the high capillary permeability;
  • A retention of sodium in the body, increase of the liquid in the tissues and cells;
  • A redistribution of the fatty tissues and a reduction of the protein production.

A biochemical composition of the blood is changed under the influence of Prednisolone. It happens, so that the body is adjusted to the physiological pathology and could resist the inflammatory process.

Most scientists believe that the mechanism of the action of Prednisolone is conditioned by the inhibition of the immune system, so that it is possible to reduce an acute body reaction to the irritant. However, it is still unknown by means of which processes such intensive anti-inflammatory effect is achieved, and how the analogue of the endogenous hormones changes the biochemical composition of the blood.

Dosage of tablets Prednisolone for prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis cure

Prednisolone for prostatitis

Planning the hormone therapy of prostatitis, it is necessary to take into account that Prednisolone is prescribed only during the chronic type of the pathology, when the inflammatory process takes long and is accompanied by pain, disorder of the urination, and there is a risk of the complications.

  • Prednisolone is prescribed in the dose of 5-10 mg per day for a long period during the chronic course of the inflammatory process.

The drug provides an intensive anti-inflammatory effect even during the minimal doses and reduces the prostatitis symptoms. The treatment may take up to 14 days to 3 months depending on the severity of the disease and frequency of the relapses.

  • The dose of Prednisolone is increased up to 20-40 mg per day depending on the sensitivity to the drug in case of the relapses of prostatitis and difficult urination.

High doses should be taken for a minimal period of time, when the intensity of the symptoms is observed. As soon as the patient’s state is improved, and the inflammatory reaction is reduced, the dose is gradually lowered.

The clinical experiments have proved that the use of 5-10 mg Prednisolone has a very low risk of the development of the side effects during the rather high anti-inflammatory activity. However, it will help to remove the main disease symptoms and reduce a risk of the development of the malignant tumor of the prostatic gland.

How to treat chronic prostatitis with Prednisolone? How long can I take Prednisolone tablets?

Duration of the use of the Prednisolone tablets is determined by a type of the prostatitis, and a severity of the inflammatory process. As this drug is mainly prescribed during the chronic prostatitis, the therapeutic measures suggest a long-term use of the tablets.

treat chronic prostatitis with Prednisolone

If chronic prostatitis, the treatment with Prednisolone may last for up to 90 days. It is the optimal period in order to stop the inflammatory processes and fix the result. This recommendation is not a guideline to follow, it is just an expert commentary of doctors who treat prostatitis with systemic corticosteroids.

A duration of the treatment is conditioned by the individual factors:

  • Tolerance of Prednisolone;
  • Intercurrent diseases;
  • Vulnerability to the action of the drug;
  • Side effects.

Some men feel the improvement of the symptoms on the 5th day of the treatment, and these cases tell about a good sensitivity to the tablets. The less the duration of Prednisolone use is, the better it is. This way, you will prevent the side effects related to the use of this medication.

Therefore, a duration is conditioned by the obtained results only. The use of Prednisolone may be gradually cancelled when the normal urine outflow is restored, pain during urination and in the prostate gland. A cancellation of Prednisolone should be controlled by urologist who has prescribed the treatment, and the symptoms of the prostatitis should be observed.

Side effects of Prednisolone

Many men are afraid of the traditional hormone therapy of prostatitis because of possible side effects. In many cases, the side effects of Prednisolone really bring discomfort and bother the treatment.

The potential side effects of Prednisolone are:

  • Increase of the glucose level in the blood (signs of the diabetes mellitus);
  • High blood pressure;
  • Fatigue, tiredness;
  • Pain in eyes as a result of the high intraocular pressure;
  • High sweatiness;
  • Anxiety/insomnia.

These symptoms do not normally appear during the use of the preventive dose of 5-10 mg per day. Therefore, do not take high doses for a long period. Take them only during the aggravation of the disease.

The most dangerous side effect during prostatitis is a possible increase of an infection. If the inflammatory process has an infectious origin, the use of Prednisolone may increase the development of bacteria because of the decreased immunity. To avoid it, a patient is prescribed an antibacterial therapy at first, and then Prednisolone is prescribed.

Another side effect of Prednisolone is a frequent urination at night. This symptom may be confused with the prostatitis symptoms when a man has often desires to urinate.

Special instructions for taking Prednisolone for prostatitis. Can chronic prostatitis be cured?

taking Prednisolone for prostatitis

  • Prednisolone may cause a formation or excretion of the stones out of kidneys. Due to the prostatitis, it may cause serious affections of urethra and urinary tract. Therefore, before taking the tablets, take kidney ultrasound investigation.
  • If a man has a high level of the glucose in the blood, the use of Prednisolone may cause an aggravation of diabetes mellitus. This disease increases the symptoms of prostatitis because the blood circulation is affected in the prostate area.
  • A cancellation of Prednisolone should not be rapid. As all corticosteroids, Prednisolone should be gradually stopped. The standard interval between the decrease of the dose is 5-7 days. Do not decrease the dose by more than 2,5 mg at once.

Taking high doses of Prednisolone, it is necessary to divide the daily dose into 3-4 parts. Moreover, the greater part of the dose is taken in the morning, and the dose is reduced till evening. For example, taking Prednisolone in the dose of 40 mg, a patient is recommended to take 20 mg in the morning, 10 mg in the afternoon, and 10 mg in the evening.

When the treatment is cancelled, the evening use of Prednisolone is cancelled at first.

How to buy Prednisolone online?

To buy Prednisolone online, please select a dose and a number of tablets you need for the continuous treatment. Then, you will be offered a payment for Prednisolone online and you should then indicate the address of the delivery.

Buying Prednisolone online, every customer is guaranteed a confidentiality of the personal data and a safe protection of the payment details.

Buy Prednisolone online without leaving the house. The package will be delivered to your house, and the courier will give it to you. Pay attention that the prices of Prednisolone online may be lower than the prices in the city pharmacies. Buying a big pack of Prednisolone online, you can get the additional discount and cover the expenses on the courier delivery of the package.

Buying Prednisolone online, every customer of the pharmacy may get detailed information about this drug and its pharmacological properties. A consultation with a pharmacist of the internet pharmacy will not replace a visit to the qualified doctor but it will give you a notion about what Prednisolone is and how it may help in your clinical case.

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