Uses of prednisolone for bronchitis
06 Feb

Chronic bronchitis treatment. Prednisolone for bronchitis. Best medicine

Can you take Prednisolone for bronchitis? How to treat bronchitis? Corticosteroids function

The main property of glucocorticoids (the adrenal hormones) is a help at struggle with the inflammations and allergy. They help to stop the inflammation and edema of the bronchi mucus when allergen, bacteria, or other irritants appear.

Prednisolone for bronchitis

In case of the deficit of glucocorticoids, they are used from the outside. Prednisolone is often used and is synthesized in the laboratory conditions and has all properties of the adrenal hormones produced by the body. Prednisolone is often used during bronchitis, in case of the acute bronchi obstruction when the common bronchodilatory products are ineffective.

Also, Prednisolone is prescribed for the treatment of the chronic bronchitis in order to protect against the bronchial asthma:

  • During diffuse lesion of the bronchial tree;
  • During progressing type of the chronic bronchitis and the increase of the aggravations;
  • During severe shortness of breath and decreased functions of the lungs.

According to the statistics, about 18% of people with the chronic bronchitis acquire the bronchial asthma which restricts the life activity of people and brings moral and physical sufferings. In order to avoid it, doctors recommend using the hormone drug Prednisolone. It reduces the inflammatory process of any severity and prevents a development of the complications.

In case of common types of bronchitis, without any obstruction, the use of Prednisolone is pointless due to several reasons:

  • A high risk of the side effects;
  • Weak inflammatory processes can be reduced with the help of agonists of β2-adrenoreceptors.
  • The frequent use of Prednisolone during the episodes of the bronchitis may cause a reverse reaction and cause an increase of the disease symptoms.

Action of the drug Prednisolone in allergies and inflammation. Anti-allergy medicine

Is Prednisolone a corticosteroid? Corticosteroids uses

Prednisolone acts during any types of bronchitis including bronchitis caused by the allergic reaction. The matter is that all corticosteroids including Prednisolone have a wide therapeutic action and anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and anti-allergic effect, provide immunodepressive, anti-shock, and anti-toxic action.

The anti-inflammatory action is conditioned by the stabilizing influence of glucocorticoids on the biological membranes, a reduction of the capillary permeability. Due to this, the destructive processes in the tissues are prevented, and the inflammatory reaction is reduced.

This effect grows because a reduction of the inflammatory mediator production happens under the action of Prednisolone, and metabolism of the arachidonic acid is slowed regardless of a type of the trigger.

It is necessary to note that the efficiency of Prednisolone is more intensive during the high activity of the inflammatory process. Therefore, in case of the acute type of the obstructive bronchitis, the action will be more intensive. A mucoviscosity will be lower, and its excretion will be relieved.

Anti allergy pills Prednisolone

As to the anti-allergic effect of Prednisolone, the mechanism of the action is identical. The therapeutic effect is manifested as to the allergy mediators, the main of which is histamine. Prednisolone reduces a production of histamine, edema, and the allergy symptoms at once. In case of bronchitis, Prednisolone is a product for the prevention of bronchospasm due to the pollen, smoke, or cool air in the respiratory tracts. It reduces a production of histamine and also a sensitivity.

Prednisolone and metabolism. Effect on the body

The main metabolic effects of Prednisolone are conditioned by the direct action of the hormones on the cells. Most of these Prednisolone effects are dose-dependent. A retention of sodium in the body, the excretion of calcium, increase of the glucose synthesis in the blood depend on a dosing. The higher the dose is, the more intensive these metabolic processes are.

The main tool of Prednisolone is an ability to redistribute the fatty tissue and reduce the synthesis of protein in the muscle tissues. It is a natural protective body reaction which is increased during the use of corticosteroids.

Prednisolone stimulates a process of gluconeogenesis, so that a high level of the glucose is maintained especially if a patient feels sick. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control this process even by reducing the daily dose, and therefore patients with diabetes mellitus or prediabetes have to take the drug carefully.

But due to the increase of the glucose level, the synthesis of insulin happens, a main transporting hormone which accelerates all metabolic processes and the movement of the medical parts in the cells.

Having a broad metabolic action, Prednisolone influences on the water-electrolytic metabolism in a lower degree than other corticoids. The intensive excretion of potassium and calcium is observed. Moreover, other minerals and vitamins are not reduced in the blood.

Forms of the drug Prednisolone. Prednisolone tab 5 mg, 15 mg. Prednisolone 5mg buy online

Prednisolone is released in several medical forms for the convenient use. If bronchitis and diseases of the respiratory system, it is good to take the drug with the systemic action: pills and injections. They have a high bioavailability and are completely absorbed in the blood.

Prednisolone 5mg buy online

  • Prednisolone pills are released in the dose of 1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg;
  • A solution for the injections contains 3 mg or 15 mg active ingredients in 1 ml.

Moreover, the injection solution may be given intravenously, and intramuscularly. But the intravenous use of the drug is possible only by a qualified doctor who knows how to correctly use the corticosteroids.

Also, Prednisolone is used in the form of ointment and eye drops which are used for the external local pathologies. In case of the application of the ointment on the skin or the use of drops. Prednisolone is not completely absorbed into the blood plasma, and it means that the systemic effect will be insignificant. The drug will act mostly on the cells in the area of the application.

How to buy Prednisolone 5mg online?

In order to buy Prednisolone 5mg or another dosage online, you need to choose a proven and reliable online pharmacy. Today, there are a large variety of pharmacies on the Internet. Some of them are unlicensed. In this case, there is a risk to purchase low-quality goods.

That is why it is very important to choose a reliable pharmacy to buy Prednisolone tablets. How to do it? You need to read reviews, talk with customers of the online pharmacy, see how many years the online store and so on.

In addition, you can make a trial order a small number of tablets, for example 30 pieces of 5 mg. As a result, you will be able to assess the quality of service, the speed of delivery of goods and so on.

After that, you can make larger orders of drugs in this online pharmacy without fear of fraud or fakes.

Uses of Prednisolone in other diseases of the respiratory system. What are Prednisolone tablets for?

A background therapy of many pathologies of the respiratory system is based on the use of Prednisolone. A long-term inflammatory process in bronchi may lead to the serious complications, and therefore the symptoms should be reduced at early stage, and as soon as possible.

Uses of Prednisolone

Prednisolone may be used during following diseases of the respiratory system:

  • Bronchial asthma: an inflammatory reaction of the respiratory tracts of acute and chronic course;
  • Tuberculosis (an infectious inflammatory process in the lungs with the respiratory disorders);
  • Bronchitis of the allergic origin;
  • Pneumonia (an inflammation of the light infectious and non-infectious origin);
  • Alveolar pneumonia (an inflammatory process in alveoli with a tendency to the formation of the fibrous tissue of the lung);
  • Lung cancer (a malignant tumor of the lung).

Most inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system are caused by the pathogenic agitators, and therefore the therapy suggests a combination of Prednisolone and antibacterial products. Prednisolone reduces inflammation, symptoms of fever, changes the metabolic processes but it does not influence on the activity of bacteria. However, in combination with Prednisolone, it is necessary to use softer antibiotics that less inhibit the activity of the healthy microflora.

If bronchial asthma, Prednisolone is also used in a complex therapy. The most successful combination is Prednisolone pills + inhaled beta2-adrenoceptor agonists. In this case, Prednisolone will be as a medication of the background action, and the inhaler will be used during the asthma attacks to quickly remove the bronchial spasm.

Admittedly, it is recommended to select an individual dosing during every clinical case.

  • If tuberculosis, lung cancer (especially after the surgery), alveolar pneumonia, it is necessary to take Prednisolone in high doses: more than 20 mg per day.
  • If bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, a maintaining therapy is required to control the inflammatory processes: 5-10 mg per day.

These recommendations are not a guide for the action, and a dose must be prescribed by a doctor after the medical examination and diagnosis!

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