Meds for rheumatoid arthritis
06 Feb

Rheumatoid arthritis medications. How to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Prednisolone tablets

What is Prednisolone? Prednisolone tablets uses

Prednisolone is a steroid hormone synthesized in the laboratory conditions and has all pharmacological properties of the adrenal hormones. The drug has been synthesized in order to make up a lack of the endogenous hormones in the body to reduce the pathological processes related to the inflammatory, allergic, and immunologic processes. Prednisolone is used in various fields of the medicine, but the most intensive effect is related to the suppression of the inflammatory reactions.

Rheumatoid arthritis medications Prednisolone

It does not matter what inflammatory process it is, its site, and its cause. Prednisolone is able to show the therapeutic activity in any tissues and cells of the body, and it means that the inflammatory process is reduced both in the mucous respiratory tracts and bronchi, and the articular-ligamentous apparatus.

Prednisolone is very effective during the acute types of the inflammatory diseases when the body does not cope with the load and does not produce enough amount of the endogenous hormones. But it is often used during the chronic pathologies in order to hold the inflammatory process and keep a motion activity of a human during such diseases as arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, bursitis, and others.

If chronic diseases of the joints, Prednisolone reduces the inflammatory process and provides a light pain-relieving effect, helps to keep a motion activity and protects the joints against the further destruction.

Rheumatoid arthritis cure. What is the effect of Prednisolone for arthritis? What helps rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is the most common inflammatory disease of the joints and is diagnosed in more than 4% of population in the industrially developed countries. Patients with arthritis are observed a reduction of the life duration in comparison with general population by 3-7 years, and a reduction of the life quality by 15-20%. Arthritis brings severe moral sufferings to a person, and according to the data of WHO, it increases a risk of the early incapacitation of the planet population.

Prednisolone for arthritis

Scientists have not detected the processes stimulating a development of the arthritis. Despite of this, some moment affecting the development of arthritis have been well studied.

Arthritis is related to the activation and proliferation of the immune competent cells. As a result of this, a production of the antibodies, the enlargement of the connective tissue is enhanced, and the suppositions to the formation of the rheumatoid factors appear. Due to this, the arthritis therapy is based on two key principles:

  • An inhibition of the excessive activity of the immune system;
  • Blocking the synthesis of the inflammation mediators and a development of the rheumatoid factors.

A pharmaceutical therapy based on the immunodepression is essential in the treatment of the arthritis, and Prednisolone takes a special place.

Prednisolone is not only an anti-inflammatory but also the immunodepressive drug. It inhibits the excessive activity of the immune system, so that a production of the antibodies is reduced, and most part of the rheumatoid factors affecting the joints is suppressed.

Moreover, the intensive anti-inflammatory effect of Prednisolone reduces the moral and physical sufferings of a person: fever and pain is reduced in the joints, the motion activity of the joint is improved.

A remission is achieved in 40-50% of patients within 1-2 years due to the pharmaceutical therapy with Prednisolone. Also, new erosions are absent according to actinography and MRT.

When should Prednisolone be taken for arthritis? Meds for rheumatoid arthritis

A pharmaceutical therapy for arthritis should be based on the use of the soft medications that will cause less harm to the body. Unfortunately, Prednisolone does not belong to these drugs, and therefore it is prescribed in rare cases.

Meds for rheumatoid arthritis

To take Prednisolone during arthritis, solid reasons should be named:

  • A disorder of the motion activity of the joints and tightness of the patient’s movements;
  • A development of the pain syndrome causing a moral discomfort;
  • Severe inflammatory process having a tendency to the development and appearance of the autoimmune reactions due to the prolonged inflammation;
  • Autoimmune complications of arthritis threatening a disability of a patient.

As soon as a risk appears that arthritis may cause more serious pathologies or seriously restricts the vital activity of a human, then Prednisolone is prescribed. In the rest cases, the non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, products on the biological basis, and others are preferred. But in case of the prolonged use of these medications, an addiction may occur during the use of these medicines, and so it is reasonable to change NSAIDs into Prednisolone from time to time, especially when the joint pathologies are aggravated.

How to take Prednisolone for arthritis: duration, dosage, reception rules. Best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

To treat rheumatoid arthritis, Prednisolone is taken in two types: pills and injections.

The injections of Prednisolone provide a more intensive effect because a full arresting of the inflammatory process and pain is achieved. As to the intramuscular Prednisolone injections, the action develops not so fast, the same effect is achieved in about 2-2,5 hours.

Best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis - Prednisolone

However, using the injections is recommended only during the aggravation of the arthritis, as an addition to the systemic treatment:

  • Prednisolone injections are given within 1-2 weeks, in the dose of up to 100 mg per day, depending on a severity of the manifestations.

The majority of patients are prescribed Prednisolone pills. It is the most convenient way of the drug use during the rheumatoid arthritis, because a patient does not to have special skills.

The systemic therapy of rheumatoid arthritis with Prednisolone takes a long period, the treatment may even take several years during the high inflammatory activity.

The dosing are used low in this case:

  • A maintaining therapy;
  • 10 mg Prednisolone per day;
  • The dose is increased up to 40-60 mg Prednisolone per day during the aggravation of the arthritis symptoms.

The aggravation periods vary but the therapy takes 1-1,5 months with high doses, and then the dose is gradually lowered up to the maintaining one.

In order to remove a load on the liver and the endocrine function, doctors prescribe an ointment for the local application as an addition to the Prednisolone pills. The ointment has a rapid and strong anti-inflammatory action, and the concentration of the active ingredients is lower in the blood. Due to the local application of the ointment on the joint, it is possible to reduce the daily dose of the Prednisolone pills and achieve the intensive anti-inflammatory action.

As a rule, Prednisolone is taken for a long period but doctors usually play safe. So, patients have to realize when it is necessary to refuse for the drug, and when the treatment should be restored. The excessive, prolonged use of the pills may lead to the relevant diseases caused by the use of Prednisolone.

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